Bachelor of Design (B. Des or B. Design) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Design, where the key aspects are innovation and creativity. Students who have an edge over imagination and a good taste in designing may opt for this course.


Duration: 4 years  (8 semesters).
Qualification: The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing B.Des (Interior Design) a degree is qualifying 10+12 or equivalent examination in any stream from a recognized board in India.

About B.Des

B.Des Interior Design or Bachelor of Design in Interior Design is an undergraduate Fashion and Interior Designing course. Interior Design is the study of the concepts and techniques of organizing, managing and planning of the interiors of rooms at homes, offices, retail shops, showrooms, hotels, airports, exhibition halls, conference centres, theatres, TV and flm studios and commercial establishments etc. In other words, B.Des. (Interior Design) is the study of creating original designs which involve converting artistic talent and creativity in beautifying the spaces that include choice and decoration of walls, floors, roofs, choice and placement of furniture and other indoor objects, window treatments and other indoor objects, lighting and control of visual and sound effects, etc. B.Des. (Interior Design) degree course generally covers the study of some of the specialized fields in Interior Design such as business design, institutional design, and landscape designing and residential design. The duration of the course is four years and may be less or more than this as per different institutes. B.Des.

Why choose SRM SEAD?

Step aboard a fun, interactive course and ultimately a career that is engaging and has no room for boredom! Stand out from the crowd and pursue your Architecture Education at SRM SEAD.

SRM SEAD is one of the best Architecture colleges in Chennai.

SRM SEAD is fully equipped with state of the art infrastructure, dedicated and experienced staff and its convenient location in Chennai makes learning an interactive and enjoyable experience at SRM SEAD.

Expert Guest Lectures by Industry Experts

Periodic guest lectures by leading Architects are arranged to inspire students regularly. This helps them have a clearer vision of the career options they have ahead and how they may go about excelling in their choice of profession.

Unleash Your Creativity

Architecture is a field that based on your imagination and creativity. At SRM SEAD we appreciate all creative talents of students, regular co-curricular activities are arranged for students and they participate in them enthusiastically.

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