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Use these tips for more efficient preparation!

Tip 1: Good sketching isn’t sufficient.

It is commonly misunderstood that drawing well is all that matters in NATA, however, this is totally false, although good sketching is essential, the questions focus on perspectives, effects of light and shadow, understanding of scale and proportions, 3D Elements, etc.

Focus on practicing these techniques and you’ll be ready for your NATA Exam!
Moreover learning the basics of these techniques will help you in your B. Arch in a reputed architecture college.

Tip 2: Be creative.

Creativity is what is most demanded in the career of an Architect, there is no singular definition of creativity, your original ideas and conventional designs will ultimately define your career as an architect.

At Architecture college, learning to apply architectural thinking happens through projects you are asked to undertake, so creativity is very important.

Tip 3: Speed is important.

Remember you may have all the skills and talent to succeed in your exam, but these will be of no use if you cannot present these within the stipulated time.

Once your clear your NATA, you are well on your way to joining a reputed architecture college for B. Arch, ensure you enquire about their facilities and infrastructure as well.

SRM SEAD is one of the best architecture colleges in the Chennai city, with well-equipped labs and studios, dedicated and experienced staff.

Before you enroll you need to know all about B.arch and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

If you are artistic and have a flair for design do not hesitate to Join the best architecture college in Chennai SRM SEAD


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