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Learning is an interactive and practical hands-on process here at SRM SEAD, on of the top architecture colleges in Tamil Nadu. As part of their educational journey, students are asked to take part in architectural surveys to enhance their knowledge and understanding.

Architectural surveys are generally undertaken for one main reason, they are done as part of a community’s wish to form a comprehensive understanding of its heritage and to preserve important resources, they provide a better understanding of the socio-economic factors that influence settlement.

Students of IV semester B section of SRM SEAD architecture college in Chennai, did a village survey of Paramadaiyanpatti a village near Madurai from 7th January to 12th January. The Paramadaiyanpatti village is an old settlement at the foothills of Pandamuthu Malai. It is located 7 kms from the Madurai – Melur highway.

Students of B. Arch in SRM SEAD, Chennai did a detailed physical survey of the village to study the settlement pattern, housing layouts, socio-economic characters, and infrastructure. All efforts of the students were displayed on a massive scale. Ar. Vijendranath Ravindren presided the review and appreciated the students of SRM SEAD for their efforts. Faculties of SRM SEAD Ar. Shanthini and Ar. Thulasi did a great job in coordinating the entire survey.


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