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There is no other course of study and work in the world quite like the architectural education, given below is a list can help prepare your architectural journey! But keep in mind that nothing can compare to experiencing the real thing.

Make the Most of Your Time
Your college life is what you make of it, so make sure to enjoy the good times, make new friends and learn to relax once in a while.

Learn to Ask Questions
You are in a unique learning environment! Make the most of it!

Teach Yourself
Go beyond your prescribed syllabus and books! Going the extra mile will surely make a difference in your career. Your efforts will surely be noticed.

Research and More Research
In this age, we can find abundance of information at the tap of a button. Take time to collect relevant information and organise it effectively.

Nothing inspires an architect more than travelling. Travel to new places, get inspired by the architecture there!


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