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Do you wish to live life on your own terms

and not be conformed to the rules

and monotony of the everyday world?

Are you a creative person with a flair for art? Then becoming an Architect is the right choice for you! We at SRM SEAD, which is one of the best Architecture college in Chennai can help you achieve your dreams and put you on the path towards a bright future in Architecture.

Architecture is one of the few professions in the world today that gives you the freedom to do something unique and new at work every day as opposed to a monotonous or repetitive office job. Creativity and out of the box thinking is a major part of this profession. You get to make models, artsy products, select fabrics/materials, instead of repetitive and boring tasks.

The architecture lifestyle is a constantly evolving one and there is no space or time for boredom.
If you think you have what it takes to become an Architect, you can pursue B.Arch at SRM SEAD top Architecture college in Chennai. B. Arch is a 5-year undergraduate degree course. Students who have undertaken Science in standard 12 are eligible for architecture course, but they are also required to appear for NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) and must have obtained sufficient marks to be eligible for B. Arch at SRM SEAD.

What skills does an Architect

need to succeed?

Before your architectural journey begins you may wonder what exactly a career in architecture consists of, the role of an architect is multifaceted, an architect has to be an all-rounder and must be knowledgeable of almost everything. It’s not essential to be the best at everything, but you need to know a little about everything. An architect must have sufficient know-how in art, books, movies, people, travelling, history, current events, social scenes and most importantly have an active imagination.

Each architectural piece is a creative reflection of the thoughts and imagination of the designer. While it is important to meet the requirements and expectations of your clients, but the overall look, design and feel of what you create is generally a result of an architect’s own creativity and this serves as a guarantee that this career path is quite satisfying and enjoyable.

Speaker Talk


Ar. Goutham Santhanam is a Computational Architect who spealize in parametrism and design algorithm

Everything in this world is a result of design. If you constantly push yourself to create and design everything around you, if you pay great attention to detail if you are particular about organizing everything according to your liking, even if it’s just arranging your study table or family album, you can consider a career in design.

What do you learn

What do you learn at an Architecture School?

It is a simple question but students rarely question what they’re about to learn before joining a course. This is an important thing to know as it will give you an idea of what to expect while joining the course.
The most common misconception is that in architecture you learn to draw plans or that you learn to build houses. But the truth is that in Architecture school you learn two important things :

  1. Thinking architecturally.
  2.  Applying your architectural thinking
What Does it Mean

What Does it Mean to ‘Think Architecturally’?

The world of architecture is rich and varied, to thrive in such an environment one must adapt to strategic, practical and creative thinking.
Thinking architecturally is about how to identify problems, understand its aspects, re-conceptualise problems as opportunities. Architects must learn to view problems as fresh opportunities. Even if it is a very difficult situation, an architect must view it as a possibility of what type of project it could be, what they could make happen. In simple terms it is a design, but it’s also much broader than design.
Simply put it is how you see the world, how you approach a project, and how you use it to achieve your goals. Architectural thinking varies for everyone – because each person brings a different outlook, ethical view and skills.

How Do You Apply

How Do You Apply ‘Architectural Thinking’?

At Architecture School, learning to apply architectural thinking happens through projects you are asked to undertake – this varies across courses but the main ideology remains with emphasis on design projects, which aim to enhance your thinking. Applying your thinking is crucial in architecture as this is what will ultimately help you carry out tasks and execute your plans.

Applying architectural thinking can also be a way of explaining one of the major things an architect does that goes well beyond design. Furthur, architecture offers a range of practices and opportunities that can be uncovered through this course such as design careers, to academia, entrepreneurship and more!

How to think like an Architect consists of the things you need to do in preparation or in the background. This includes understanding the business side of architecture, developing your marketing and communication skills, having a good understanding of structural systems, and being able to manage building compliance methods and processes. Know more about learning to apply these skills practically through practical sessions at SRM SEAD. Knowledge of these can really propel your career in architecture.


The Journey from Student to Architect

You can loosely connect these areas of architectural education against what subjects you learn at school, you can map yourself from where you are now, to where you will be in the future - and plan what you would do while in the practice of architecture.
When you plan this way, it can help you to understand the need to select certain subjects over others at school, or where you need to put some extra work in. It's also quite useful as a current architecture student to think about which areas of architectural practice you are interested in and you can also subsequently specialising in the same.

A Little Of Our Story

Why Choose to Learn Architecture

Architecture is a combination of practical skills and academics which makes it a unique, interesting and varied field of study and work.
Another major advantage of architecture is that you do not have to learn subjects that are not relevant to this field unlike other popular courses available for students at this age, this means that you do not have to learn Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry! That’s right NO MATHS in architecture!
Architecture is a field of study that requires creativity, imagination and a whole lot of determination!

If you are artistic and have a flair for design do not hesitate to

join the top architecture college SRM SEAD
Life At SRM SEAD – Top Architecture College in Chennai

Once you decide to begin your architectural journey, you must ensure you get into one of the best architecture colleges, so that you receive guidance even after completion of the course.

SRM SEAD is one of the best architecture colleges in the Chennai city, with well-equipped labs and studios, dedicated and experienced staff.

Your tutor plays a vital role in your architectural journey, as this is not like any other course where putting in a few extra hours of self-study can help you learn.
So it’s important you join a college with experienced and dedicated staff, SRM SEAD prides itself on staff who are high achievers, passionate about teaching and provide individual attention to each and every student.

SRM SEADTop Architecture College in Chennai

Facilities at SRM SEAD

Architecture College in Chennai

Since architecture relies more on practical approaches rather than theoretical learning, it is important to learn architecture in a college with sufficient facilities you may require, for example, you may require transportation to college or if you do not reside in Chennai you may look for a college with hostel facility.

In addition to these top architecture, colleges must have the necessary labs and studios for you to have a complete understanding of the world of architecture.

Why choose SRM SEAD?

Step aboard a fun, interactive course and ultimately a career that is engaging and has no room for boredom! Stand out from the crowd and pursue your Architecture Education at SRM SEAD.

SRM SEAD is one of the best Architecture colleges in Chennai.

SRM SEAD is fully equipped with state of the art infrastructure, dedicated and experienced staff and its convenient location in Chennai makes learning an interactive and enjoyable experience at SRM SEAD.

Expert Guest Lectures by Industry Experts

Periodic guest lectures by leading Architects are arranged to inspire students regularly. This helps them have a clearer vision of the career options they have ahead and how they may go about excelling in their choice of profession.

Unleash Your Creativity

Architecture is a field that based on your imagination and creativity. At SRM SEAD we appreciate all creative talents of students, regular co-curricular activities are arranged for students and they participate in them enthusiastically.

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