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Student Abroad program is a unique initiative to provide international exposure to students of SRM and open global opportunities and to learn from internationally renowned academicians and to stand at par with the rest of the peer group.

Experiencing urbanism at Singapore.
Mohanapriya M J, Nadia Alfia Solomon, Tejesvini S R and Aishwarya R- four students from Year IV “B”attended a 10-day architectural experience tour to Singapore on the theme of Urban Housing. The trip covered a wide range of study visits to Singapore’s many urban, architectural and cultural marvels such as the Pinnacle @ Duxton, Gardens by the Bay, housing sites of Tiong Bahru and the famed The Interlace project by the world famous OMA and Ole Scheeren. Having covered a wide range of urban development issues and concepts ranging from culture, heritage, policies and sustainability, the students also got the opportunity to take part in a three hour walk around Singapore with Ar. Prasoon Kumar, the founder of Billion Bricks- a design and technology studio that innovates shelter solutions for the homeless of South and Southeast Asia. To better understand the past, present and future of Singapore’s barrier-breaking development and inspiring evolution, the group visited the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Centre and the Housing Development Board (HDB) Hub. Other visits included the National Museum of Singapore, School of The Arts, the Marina Barrage, Tampines Hub and the historic neighbourhoods of Chinatown and Queenstown.
At the end of the tour, the students presented three projects based on the themes of cultural evolution and sustainability, housing and community spaces.
This architectural experience tour was conducted by The Happy Llamas India group in collaboration with NASA- the National Association of Students of Architecture between the 7th and 16th of December, 2019.

Experiencing Urbanism at Singapore

“ The architectural experience course was the perfect crash course that I needed on Urban Housing and Development. The visits to the URA centre and the Kampong Glam neighbourhood were the most informative and enlightening parts of the trip. The project that we worked on enabled me to better understand how interdisciplinary this field is. ”

I got an opportunity to attend the Architectural experience tour at Singapore based on the study of Urban housing.
Singapore is a perfect example to study for urban planning, housing projects and heritage and culture. To get a better understanding I got to visit places such as the Pinnacle at Duxton, Garden by the bay, Urban Redevelopment Authority(URA) Centre, Housing Development Board (HDB) hub and neighbourhoods of China town, Little India, Queenstown and Tiong Bahru.

I was lucky enough to experience that. Every single aspects in an urban level has been thought through. Their main consideration were the people, nature, social and economy. Overall it was an eye opening experience, it helped me get an a better understanding of the concept of urban planning and development.

“ I never knew walking in a crowded city , passing by some unknown lanes, rustling through the strangers, observing the loud yet serene places would give me new perception on life. People tell you that your first foreign trip will be an out-of-body experience.
I always thought it was a little over dramatic. But I guess I've become one among them now. We always dream of a society where people come together and celebrate the definition of life through various festivities all day and night.
How many of us get a chance to live in an atmosphere like this? Even if it was for a week, I cherish it. Some days in our lives are unforgettable even after years have passed. Singapore! For me That's you! ”

“ Everyday was a new experience. The visit to URA centre and kampong glam were the highlights of this trip. I got to see the sustainability measures taken all over Singapore. All the walks were the best. Got to learn so much from Ar.Prasoon kumar. I got a better understanding in integration of nature landscape with the building. I gained a lot of exposure about different techniques of construction and designing for energy efficiency. Overall a great learning experience. ”