SRM SEAD Unveils ‘Art in Arch’

An art and crafts competition that follows the theme of pop culture to encourage students to get creative with their favourite shows and characters and show the world how life at SRM SEAD

Rules and Regulations

Students are required to come up with different products, models and art forms that can involve a wide range of materials and skills such as chalk carving, paper art, junk art, origami and so much more.
1. The maximum size should be within 20cm × 20cm
2. The final output should be in a TIME LAPSE video format not more than 3 Minutes.

3. The video should show the process in stages and time lapse. (E.g.. initial material, process, final output)
4. The video angle should be one of the following: Top view, South East isometry, South West isometry.
5. The video should either 720p or 1080p better quality and presentation increases winning chances
6. Video format should be Mp4 or Mov

Submit Your Video

    upload your video in drive(sead google account. "name" and share(set sharing permission to public) the video link

    Video Tutorials

    To Make Time Lapse Video


    chalk Art


    Pencil Art


    Soap Art