Enhanced Creativity

Co-curricular Services

Yoga refreshes the mind and formulates our day to day activity. SRM University encourages Yoga among the students by conducting regular classes.

Sports day is one of the major activity happening in the University when the students enthusiastically participate in numerous sport events.

Wellness & Safety

Counseling and mentoring the students are essential to enhance the physical, emotional and psychological well-being. With this goal, the University provide services for the same to create a healthy campus life among the students.

The University’s specialty hospital is located within the campus premises which will also extend its medical help to the students and staffs at emergency situations. This ensures a safe work environment.

Outreach Services

Outreach services are responsible for processing University news and presenting it to the media, and the digital media which includes the website and social media platforms. The online platforms such as the SEAD Website Page and the SEAD Facebook page  which are managed collectively by the members of the outreach committee, ensures that the news and information reaches the students and also external recipients.

Alumni Services

The SEAD forms an alumni committee to bridge the gap between the alumni and the department. It provides a platform for communication and interaction between the current students, staffs and alumni.