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Inspired by the traditional pols of the city, this home designed by Modo Designs and associate firm And black Design Studio, with interiors by Hpa is in its own way the perfect tribute to the vernacular architecture of Ahmedabad

It’s often said that a courtyard is the heart of a home—in fact, these have been an integral part of traditional Indian homes. Nestled in the centre of the house, this is that beloved space where families and communities get together and where sacred rites, be it for festivals, marriages or funerals take place. In Ahmedabad, the sixteenth century saw the development of pols—housing clusters with common entrances and courtyards—as a security measure and also a way to protect inhabitants from harsh weather conditions. Inspired by this rich cultural heritage, The House of Courtyards as its name suggests is an apt tribute to the traditional ‘Amdavadi’ architecture—albeit in a contemporary fashion.


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