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Rudra Sreeram, 4th year B.Arch student got Honorable Mention in the National level Gully design by Oculus.
The competition was about bringing the character of a street to the fore,
treating it as equal to a public space, as it is a functional route for transport, whilst trying to associate it with the human
life that it serves. The competition was about re-designing a street / public corner / nukkad to signify one of the following themes that can be associated with the chosen site – Illusion, Memories or Fantasy
The theme I chose was fantasy, the fantasy being the various myths about Kumari Kandam, or the lost Tamil civilization. It is said to be the cradle of Tamil civilization that shows the antiquity of the Tamil language and culture. The re-design of this street with this narrative will remind the locals of the tenacity of Tamil culture. The architecture of Kumari Kandam is said to be grand, yet advanced for its time and with a great sense of symmetry – a land fit for the sea gods. To achieve this, I employed the use of tensegrity structures with traditional materials.– Rudra

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