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Students of SRM SEAD, Architecture college in Chennai take part in village surveys to understand physical and socio-economic factors that have influenced its architecture.

Buildings and architectural structures, as well as their relationships to each other and to surrounding landscapes, when studied correctly, can reveal a vibrant history of the human society and their environment. As they represent links to the past, the built heritage should be recorded as the first step towards responsible cultural resource stewardship. By identifying the types of resources present, their relation to one another, and their level of integrity, an architectural survey accomplishes this step and gives a much deeper understanding of what is required for future developments.

Students of SRM SEAD – one of the top architecture colleges in Chennai have done a detailed survey of physical, socio-economic, housing and it’s services for a village named – Poolampatti which is located in between Madurai and Melur. This village represents high cultural traditional values which students have learned and represented through their handcrafted creations. The architecture students of IV semester A section participated enthusiastically in this project and they have learned a lot while having fun at the same time!


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